These bottles started as "Prayer Lights" for my grandson "Gavin" born with half a heart. (HLHS) They are custom made and make unique gifts for all ages. They are safe and make great night lights or light  up any room as décor.

Lighting in a Bottles. 

These Bottles  make Unique gifts for children and adults of all ages.   BottleLightsOnLine .com

Bottles   Starting 



All have LED Lights

These bottles come with a mini lamp shade made to match the design of the bottle. They are uniquely drilled and have LED lights that last up to 35,000 hours. You can custom design your bottle to your liking.  Call or e-mail me .


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Gavin's Ray of  Hope

Now Available:


Now in the Colorado Mills Mall: 

14500 W. Colfax  (by Dick Sporting Goods)

​Colorado Mills Mall is now open!!

Visit my display of bottles at A Borgata and look for the red dot half price sale.     50%   OFF!